How can we mainstream the DIY movement to counter industry failures to create Open Standards for IoT?

If we’re going to solve climate change problems, before it is too late, we don’t have time to be patient with “industry experts” who are building walled gardens for IoT.

Stacey Higginbotham writes “At CES, let’s just concede defeat for an open standard for IoT.” Maybe more of the “industry experts” need to read Doc Searls’ book “The Attention Economy: When Customers Take Charge.” One of the most salient points made by Doc Searls is the difference between making money on something versus making money because of something. He talks about how IBM tried to make money on Token Ring, a proprietary networking solution, versus TCP/IP, the free open standard that enabled everybody to make money because of the resulting Internet that became possible.

Open Source hardware devices like the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino, plus Open Source software are driving a DIY movement that could counter walled gardens. We’d like to hear your thoughts about what is necessary to mainstream this movement.

Gigaom research has created this report: “Sector Roadmap: Smart home platforms.”

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December 31, 2014 drron